We Need You!


We’ve started recruiting for September Training. No previous experience is required, but of course if you’re already trained, we’d love to have you. We’re especially in need of people that can cover day shifts (07:00-19:00). We make 3-5 runs each month so the odds of getting a call out are quite low. If you work in Ashbourne please check with your boss if it would be OK for you to leave if a call comes in, then you work as normal and respond from work if dispatched.

ACFR provides all training and ongoing practice and drills to keep your skills up. Community First Responders are a critical link in the chain of survival. Any Advanced Paramedic will tell you if the patient has not had good CPR and early defibrillation there is little chance that the advanced paramedic protocols will work. Patients with good bystander CPR and early treatment by responders have an infinitely better chance of recovering from sudden cardiac arrest. You can be that difference!