Response to Doctors’ Offices

ACFR will no longer respond to the various doctors’ offices in the town for anything other than cardiac arrest. This affects:

  • Dr. Murphy (Ashbourne Family Practice)
  • Roc Doc
  • Dr. Watson (Deerpark Medical Centre)

In each of these offices there are physicians, nurses, paramedics, etc. all of whom are trained to a higher level than ACFR volunteers. For chest pain, etc. there is nothing that the volunteers can do for these patients that is not already being handled by the staff and having extra personnel tends to cause heightened stress for the patient.

In the event of cardiac arrest, ACFR will still respond and can provide CPR as requested by the physician in charge of the patient. In this case we are there merely to provide labour for CPR and to ensure that our AED is on location as a backup; the in-charge physician will manage the patient care.

Please note that the call WILL still come through to the ACFR phone and the on-call responders’ own phones. Other than for cardiac/respiratory arrest, do not acknowledge the call and do not respond.

Any questions, please e-mail