June Training Night

Thanks to all that made it to June’s training night. From now on training will be the first Monday of every month at 19:00 at the Pillo. In months where that Monday is a holiday it moves to the Tuesday.

CPR etc.

The CPR and AED review went well and several people felt a good deal more comfortable with their skills after the session. We didn’t get as much of the schedule training done as we would have liked due to the call out right at 19:00. The patient had very high blood pressure and was quite stressed at having chest pain. A good deal of the first responder role was to calm the patient and reassure her that the Ambulance was on the way and she was in good hands. With this in mind the next training will likely include some scenarios with role play. This is a good way to get comfortable with providing patient care.

Incident Drills

After July’s training we will be starting incident drills. These will NOT happen in June, so you’ll have all the details during the July training night before any live drills happen. The drills will happen once or twice each month and will be dispatched through the responder phone exactly as a normal dispatch except the dispatch text will note that it is a drill. We will have the responder and backup on call actually drive to the call out location and have a patient role playing the signs and symptoms. If it is a CPR call, or develops into a CPR call, the manikin and AED trainer will be used and the full code and hand-over acted out. Once again this is about making everyone as comfortable as possible with patient care and using their skills in as near a real life situation as we can create.