To clarify what responders are signing up for:

We are going to provide first responder coverage within a 5km circle centred in Ashbourne. It is shaping up that we will have about 30 responders. We are intending to respond in pairs; this means each of us will need to be on-call about twice a month. For now ACFR will cover night shifts only; these are from 7pm to 7am. Our aim is to expand this to 24-7 coverage if and when we get enough volunteers. Please see here for what it means to be on call.

Every member of ACFR must be Garda vetted. This is mandatory for any group interfacing with an at-risk population. You will be entering people’s homes at a time of crises and potentially interacting with children so there is no option but to vet everyone. We will have forms at the class, but to same time please download the form ahead of time from here and bring it to class filled in with as much detail as possible.

As you know ACFR is a brand new volunteer group and as such the group has few funds. Even with qualified instructors volunteering their time, each person that takes the course costs ACFR €60. We would rather not pass any of this cost to volunteer responders as we recognize the commitment of time involved in being on call, but unfortunately we simply don’t have the cash to cover the classes. Each person taking the class will be issued a pocket mask; a CFR text book; and an official PHECC certification as community first responder. Tea & Coffee during break and sandwiches at lunch time will be provided. To take such a class at a training company would cost between €80 and €100.

We have decided to charge €40. Anyone that would like to cover the cost and pay the full €60 we’ll be delighted to accept it, but in order to put on the class we will need to receive at least €40 from each participant. This can be paid ahead of time or bring cash or cheque on the day. We do understand that given the state of the economy there are people that simply can’t afford to add anything to their carefully planned monthly spending. We don’t want to lose anyone because they can’t afford the training fee. If you find yourself in this situation please let us know and we’ll work something out.