Up and Running

We’ve been operational now since March 3rd. We made 3 calls in March and 2 so far in April. As we are only dispatched on Echo level calls (the most serious), we are not necessarily out every time an Ambulance comes to Ashbourne. At the moment we only have coverage at night, although we’re starting to recruit for volunteers that could cover days. As is obvious from the numbers above most shifts there is no call out, so to cover days volunteers can be at home or at work and just have permission from their boss that they may leave to make the run if called. Anyone that works in Ashbourne and can cover shifts from 07:00 to 19:00, please let us know (pubInfo@ashbourneCFR.org).

We learned (the hard way) that if the dispatch phone has been off during an uncovered day shift, calls that were dispatched during the day may show up when the phone is turned on. Members should be sure to check the dispatch time inside the text on any calls that come in right after turning on the phone. Thanks to everyone that has covered shifts. Feedback has been very positive on each of the scenes attended and from the ambulance crews. Keep it up and remember to start bidding in for shifts in the rest of April and in May.

Cheers, Gareth.