Training Dates Announced

Pending confirmation of funding, we now hope to be online responding to calls in January.

ACFR training will be held on September 14th; October 17th; and November 9th. Every responder will need to attend one of these sessions for Community First Responder CPR and AED (automatic defibrillator) training. There will also be a class on the ACFR procedures. This includes step-by-step how to respond; practice filling out a Patient Contact Report; and how to sign up for a shift online. We want to be responding in January 2014 so we need volunteers now.

Anyone wishing to sign up for one of these dates, please e-mail or sign up at

It was brought home just how much this service is needed on Saturday 10th of August, when a pedestrian on Bachelor’s Walk suffered a heart attack. A nurse who happened to be in Cork’s restaurant and a passing Ashbourne firefighter both did 20 minutes of CPR. Thanks to them the patient lived and was awake when the ambulance arrived. However, it was pure luck that they were there. It was even more luck for a heart to restart without a defibrillator to shock it back to life. This is exactly the type of event that ACFR will respond to and the defibrillator would have been on scene in 3-5 minutes.

Remember NO PRIOR TRAINING OR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! You will be fully trained and paired with a more experienced member when responding, so please don’t hesitate to sign up.