Sponsoring First Responders

ACFR is run by volunteers. We are seeking funding from various sources, and we need your help to fund our operating costs. We will have trained 35 volunteers, about 20 of whom are active responders. This has been paid for by some initial sponsorship we received and out of pocket by members of the committee.
Please help your community through one of the sponsorship options below. If you are interested in sponsoring Ashbourne CFR please contact pubinfo@ashbourneCFR.org .

Sponsor an AED: EUR1250

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating. Most often it is caused by an arrhythmia (an abnormal heart rhythm) called Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) that prevents the heart pumping blood effectively. If treated in minutes with a defibrillator VF survival rates can be greatly improved. ACFR needs at least two AED (automated external defibrillator) machines. These will have a direct effect on the lives of cardiac arrest victims in our community.

Sponsor a Month: EUR150

We won’t know for sure until we’€™re operational, but based on numbers from other groups ACFR could be dispatched up to 10 times per month with potentially 1 of these being cardiac arrests. Each time the AED is attached to a patient will cost in excess of EUR100 in disposable equipment. Sponsoring at the EUR150 level will allow the group to continue operating for a month.

Train and Equip 1 Responder: EUR125

Sponsoring a Cardiac First Responder covers the cost of training and equipping a single volunteer responder. This includes training them in CPR and use of the AED and purchasing a uniform shirt and required ACFR high-viz jacket. Training costs include, their class book, registration of their CFR certification with PHECC (www.pheccit.ie) and a pocket mask used during training and in service. The instruction is provided by qualified instructors who have volunteered their time.

Equip 1 Responder: EUR65

An Equipment Sponsorship covers the cost of purchasing a uniform shirt and ACFR high-viz jacket for one responder. This is the minimum equipment required for each responder. ACFR responders must wear their uniform shirt when on call and as a safety measure the high visibility jacket is required when responding to a call.

Each sponsor will receive a certificate of sponsorship for each type of sponsorship they have funded.

General Donations: EUR??

If you can’t manage one of the sponsorship levels above, please donate whatever you can. They all add up and go toward getting and then keeping this life-saving service operational.