Logging in to the Schift Schedule

Several people have had problems logging into the scheduling system, so here’s a step-by-step guide how to reset your password. You’ll need your username and the e-mail address with which you signed up. If you put the wrong e-mail address in, nothing will happen … nothing at all … no error message, no e-mail shows up. If you can’t remember the e-mail address you used, then e-mail pubInfo@ashbournecfr.org and let us know.

Go to http://scheduler.ashbournecfr.org NOT www.ashbournecfr.org, it must be scheduler.ashbournecfr.org.

Click “Log in” at the top right of the screen.
Under the heading Forgot your password? enter the e-mail address with which you signed up and click the “Reset Password” button. This will send the e-mail to you.

You should receive an e-mail into your In Box containing a link. Click on the link which will bring you to the a little form that asks for you USERNAME (not e-mail address) and the new password you want to set. Enter your username and the new password (twice) and click on the “Save Password” button. NOTE: The rules about password length and special characters are on the form. Follow them or it won’t let you set the password.

If you have problems, e-mail pubInfo@ashbourneCFR.org including how far you got in the process and what error message you got (if any). Without this information it is impossible to help you!

Good luck …

Reset your Password