Fundraising Results!

Thanks to everyone that contributed to the ACFR fundraising on Saturday Oct 26th. The total raised came to almost €1,200 which will pay for training and equipping 10 volunteer responders.

We still have a long way to go before we have enough funding to go operational so please keep an eye out for us at Tesco on November 22nd and 23rd when we’ll be bag-packing and rattling the buckets again!

We estimate it is going to cost about €10,000 to get started and fund operations for 2014. After that it should be about €4,000 per year, depending of course on the number of runs we make and the number of new volunteers trained each year. To help this we’re looking for companies and individuals to sponsor a month for €350. We would like to get each month sponsored on an annual basis, i.e. Company X sponsors January every year, then the bulk of our operational costs for the year would be covered.

Please contact Gareth at 087-277-9281 for more information on sponsoring ACFR!